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Natural Spa Factory

Natural Spa Factory

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Skin becomes dehydrated, dry and generally dull in the winter months. Add in the effects
of Christmas over-consumption, hot circulated air and cold winds, and it’s a recipe for skin
disaster. This face quenching skin rescue will hydrate, protect and nourish lack-luster skin.

CLEANSE: Wanderbalm Raw Organic Coconut Oil.
TONE: Boosting Face Tonic.
POLISH: Superfruit Active Exfoliation.
MASK: Cucumber Peel Off Face Mask.
MASSAGE: Hand, arm, neck & shoulder – Wanderbalm Raw Organic Coconut Oil.
TONE: Boosting Face Tonic.
PROTECT: Organic Apricot Oil.
TREAT: Every Day Cream.


We all need a glow, our Revive Glow is designed for skin that has become dull, patchy or even flaky as a result of dehydration. This facial will give an immediate nourishment boost, relieving tightness and giving you the ultimate dewy skin.

CLEANSE: Illuminate Melting Cleanser.
TONE: Illuminate Facial Toner.
POLISH: Illuminate Facial Polish.
MASK: Illuminate Cream Mask.
MASSAGE: Scalp – Wanderbalm Raw Organic Coconut Oil.
TONE: Illuminate Facial Toner.
PROTECT: Illuminate Serum.
TREAT: Illuminate Moisturiser.


Eyes are the window of the soul. Give your eyes some Sparkle, banish those dark circles, expel those fine lines and add that twinkle back into your eyes with this amazing eye lifting treatment.

EYE CLEANSE: Illuminate Eye Gel Cleanser.
EYE LIFT: Using micro currents.
MASSAGE: Eyes – Organic Apricot Oil.
EYE MASK: Biocellulose Eye & Mouth Patches.
MASSAGE: Hands – Fig & Vanilla Hand Cream.
PROTECT: Gold Contour Eye Serum with Hyaluronic Acid.


Skin works extra hard during pregnancy, so our Bumps A Daisy pregnancy treatment range will soothe, soften and swaddle stretched pregnancy skin in balanced and nourishing essential oils. lift spirits and calm the mind. Treatment for after first trimester.

GROUNDING FOOT & LEG TREATMENT: Bumps A Daisy Top to Toe Polish.
MASSAGE: Legs & feet – Sole Food Foot Nutrition.
EXFOLIATION: Bumps A Daisy Top to Toe. Polish. Gently exfoliate shoulders, arms, back & legs.
MASSAGE: Shoulders, arms & back – Bumps A Daisy Face, Bump & Body Oil.
HYDRATE: Herbal tea or water.
MINI FACIAL: To finish off your day.


An invigorating full body scrub with ground coffee, sea salt and enriched oils is followed by an incredibly anti-oxidising yet decadent chocolate body drench wrap. Then, finishing with an illuminating express facial, also using liquid chocolate, skin will be detoxed, glowing & toned.

FULL BODY SCRUB: Colombian Rush Coffee Body Scrub.
REMOVE: Shower off – Fig & Vanilla Body Wash.
FULL BODY WRAP: Chocolate & Cocoa Bean Self Heating Body Wrap.
FACIAL: Cleanse, tone & polish – Illuminate collection.
FACE MASK: Organic Cocoa Face Drench Mask.
MASSAGE: Scalp – Wanderbalm Raw Organic Coconut Oil.
REMOVE: Face mask.
HAIR, MASK AND BODY WRAP: Shower off, Fig & Vanilla Body Wash.
PROTECT: Face – Illuminate Moisturiser. Body – Wanderbalm Raw Organic Coconut Oil.
Add on a body massage for an extra indulgent treatment.


A botanical boost to the body – packed with incredible body-food ingredients to soothe, nourish and draw out toxins, impurities and tackle water retention.

FULL BODY SCRUB: Invigorating Lime & Lemongrass Body Salt Scrub.
CLEANSE: Face – Damascene Melting Cleanser.
POLISH: Face – Superfruit Active Exfoliation.
REMOVE: Shower off – Fig & Vanilla Body Wash.
FULL BODY WRAP: Green Tea, Red Tea, White Tea & Mint Leaf Body Wrap.
MASSAGE: Face & scalp – Wanderbalm Raw Organic Coconut Oil.
REMOVE: Shower off – Fig & Vanilla Body Wash.
PROTECT: Face & body – Wanderbalm Raw Organic Coconut Oil.

Aromatherapy Massage

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

Pure therapeutic relaxation to alleviate stress deep down and release the discomfort of aching muscles. 100% natural essential oil balms enhance the experience leaving your mind calmer and muscles intensely soothed.

Full body massage
Hot stone massage
Indian head massage
Back, neck and shoulder massage

many more combinations...

Aromatherapy Massage
Temple Spa Anti Ageing Techniques

Temple Spa Anti Ageing Techniques

Retuning your facial skin to be energised and fresh once again

Temple Spa Facials
Using Temple Spa products, you are assured to feel pampered, relaxed and vibrant for the ultimate skin care and treatment experience.


Natural Therapies

Sooth your mind and your body will follow

Reflexology is an art of ancient origin that promotes healing. Reflexology is a non intrusive therapy based on a theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body, which will improve your relaxation levels and overall wellbeing.


Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition consultation
Full body massage with special aurvedic oil

Natural Therapies
Cosmetic Treatments & Procedures

Cosmetic Treatments & Procedures

Looking after your wellbeing is the key to relaxation

Essence provide a wealth of options for our customers to enhance the look and the feel of your body.

Dermal fillers
Lip volumisation
Mole & tag removal
Thread vein removal
Semi Permanent makeup

Male Grooming

Even the boys can get some pamper time to

Our male grooming options provide you boys with some relaxing and soothing treatments that will help you unwind.

Hand & foot grooming
Back & chest waxing
Facial hair grooming

Male Grooming
The Nail Bar

The Nail Bar

Time is irrelevant when your nails look that good

The Essence nail bar is by far one of the best in Surrey, simply because of the experience and design skills we have in our team.

Gel nail polish
Clear and colour overlay

French or soak off
Luxury manicure and pedicure